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Welcome to Blog WomanvsLeather: It's about Leather

Arleen Jones-Harkness founded AJH Leather Designs in August of 2019. Arleen has always been a creative person since a very young age, engaging in dance, writing, piano, ceramics, and sewing. Her love of leather started in 2012, when she visited a newly opened Tandy Leather Shop in Austell, GA. Since that time, Arleen has taken classes, first as a hobbyist, then as a student of HMDH Academy.

The Training and Skill in leather handbag design

HMDH Academy is an online school, which teaches the fundamentals of handbag design. Richard and Linda Manigault were students of the Fashion Institute of Technology. They founded HMDH Academy to teach others handbag design. Since then, Arleen continues to be a student of design and takes other online handbag design courses by Peter Nitz and Leather Master Class to further her knowledge of handbag design.

The Design House

AJH Leather Designs is a design house, handmade manufacturer, and retailer whose job is to design products for each critical consumer according to the individual consumer’s needs and wants. All of our products are made-to-order, custom designed, or full couture. In this way, AJH Leather Designs provides individuality in her products and services for each consumer. Customers get the personal one-on-one experience that only celebrities get. The workshop/studio is located in Powder Springs, Georgia.

Leather belt for women comes in many colors
Leather wrap belt

Her products and services are geared toward giving the consumer the experience of having an item made especially for them. She has an array of product designs, such as but not limited to, wallets, handbags, pouches, and clutches, duffle bags, belts, overnight bags, backpacks, diaper bags, and rucksacks. She creates unstructured, semi-structured and structured bags.

Her product designs include the following materials:

All types of leather hides/skins – cow, alligator, snake, fish, ostrich, lizard, shearling, beaver, etc.

Vegan/Bio leather

Faux leather/Polyurethane (PU Leather)




Faux fur

The Services

Her services include drawing a sketch of the desired design, pattern creation, mock-up, sewing (either machine or hand stitching), and assembly of the final product. The product is then packaged in a non-woven, protective care bag, boxed, and sent to the customer.

Depending on the product, a design can take a few days to 8 weeks to complete. For example, a simple wallet or a tote bag might take 3 days to complete. A complex handbag similar to a Hermes handbag can take up to 6 weeks to complete.

The Brand

AJH Leather Designs makes items in line with our competitors, but also to stand out from them. What we do is design, hand stitch and machine stitch, and construct made-to-order, custom, and full couture items for our customers. We offer collaborations with our customers and other designers to make one-of-a-kind pieces especially for customers.

She has an in-house artist who draws up designs. She makes many products such as handbags, hats and caps, backpacks, belts, rucksacks, portfolios, and wallets. She also includes book and Bible covers. The types of leathers she uses are cowhide, fur, crocodile, fish, elk, python, and other leathers, as well as, vegan leathers, cork, and canvas. Her designs are unique, stylish, functional, long lasting. She offers a 90-day warranty and repairs the items she makes for her customers. She also repairs and restores customers' leather goods. One-hundred percent of designs are made inhouse. About 75% of our items are made inhouse. Our manufacturing capabilities have expanded to outside resources, which provide the same excellent quality standards as we do.

Leather Luxury Tote embossed alligator in a variety of colors
Women's Luxury Leather Handbag

The Niche

As her niche, she offers a nostalgic, retro design touch in her company, such as framed bags. Her products solve problems for her clients such as providing additional pockets or compartments. Her outreach strategies are vlogs, blogs, social media, emails, texts, online stores, and other platforms such as Etsy and Amazon. She will include instructional leather making patterns accompanied by instructional videos.

Arleen keeps in trend with top design houses. Her story is one of family and memories that she shares with the public. Her prices are mid to high end.

The Mission

Her mission is to make the best products she can from the best materials she can find and serve each person to the best of her abilities. She offers made-to-order items, custom, and design services.

Arleen, Owner and Principal Designer
Me! Arleen

The Personal Hello

Hey, Y'all! Above my photo are the words from my business plan. What I want to do is get more personal and just introduce myself and my business. I'm Arleen, a southern girl from Fairfield, Alabama, right outside of Birmingham. I moved to Atlanta, GA with my husband, Frank, Jr., and later settled in Powder Springs, GA. I graduated from John Carroll High School, Oglethorpe University, and Full Sail University. I have science, writing, and theology degrees. We have two amazing daughters, Alysa and Amari, both creatives in their own right, and two granddaughter cats, Moni and Fannie.

I have been creative all my life. I love to make beautiful things. My experiences as a creative have led me to New York, Atlanta, Pigeon Forge, and other places as a dancer, vendor, and artist. Dollywood and the NBAF Artist Market, as well as, the Atlanta Apparel Mart are major accomplishments. I'm looking forward to more.

I want you to know that AJH Leather Designs - WomanvsLeather are here for you. We are here to meet your needs and even your wants. We are here to serve you in every way we can. So, look us up. Check us out. Drop by the studio. Let's make your special project!

Look for more blog posts. I'll chat about family, leather, creativity, and other things. There might be a few "how-tools" added along the way. I might introduce other creatives and let you know what's coming up.

Bedazzle Fashion Western Hat on Amazon
Bedazzle Fashion Western Hat

In Closing

We are here for you. Let's make your special project! What are your resolutions for 2024?

Leave a comment. Shop our online stores. Subscribe for offers and to stay in the know. Like our posts and invite others to read. Follow us on social media.

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