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Wearing A Belt for Your Unique Style

Video by Gustavo Fringe

Belts have been in existence for thousands of years. They have earned their place in history for their versatility in adornment, necessity, rank, status, and style. Today, belts are taking center stage as a fashion statement used to accentuate and enhance features not only of our bodies, but also our personalities.

How would you wear a belt? Are you the type that will wear a belt only through the belt loops of a garment with the shirt/blouse neatly tucked in? Would you wear it over an untucked shirt or sweater? How about over a coat like former First Lady Michelle Obama on Inauguration Day? Her look is classic and chic. Attorney Obama made the belt look flawless and elegant.

Photo by Lukas

Sometimes, a cool belt can be worn in a more unconventional way like draping it across the chest from shoulder to waist for BAD A## look with some cool jeans or leather pants, white shirt, and a fedora to top it off. A thin belt worn on a cute dress, or a wide belt worn with an A-line or wide skirt can really make a fashion statement and accentuate the waist and bust.

Photo WomanvsLeather

WomanvsLeather has a belt for every occasion, style, and need, in many colors.

Photo by WomanvsLeather

Shop our online store, womanvsleather, where you will discover many belts to match the different facets of your unique personality and style.

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