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AJH is a design house, handmade manufacturer, and retailer whose job is to design products for each critical consumer according to the individual consumer’s needs and wants. All of our products are made-to-order, custom designs. In this way, AJH Leather Designs provides individuality in her products and services for each consumer. Customers get the personal one-on-one experience that only celebrities get. The studio is located in Powder Springs, Georgia. Our motto is “We make divinely inspired stylish, functional designs for stylish people.” AJH Leather Designs strives to not only meet the consumers’ needs, but also speaks to the consumers’ conscience by offering designs in sustainable materials as well, such as faux/vegan/bio leathers, canvas, and cork. AJH Leather Designs strives to design the best products out of the best materials she can find and serve each person to the best of our abilities. Some of the products Arleen uses are alternatives to leather, better for the planet, and our health. Mission Statement: We design the best items we can out of the best materials we can find to serve each person to the best of our abilities. Arleen’s products and services are geared toward giving the consumer the experience of having an item made especially for them. She has an array of products such as but not limited to, wallets, handbags, pouches, and clutches, duffle bags, belts, hats, overnight bags, backpacks, diaper bags, and rucksacks. Arleen even designs gun holsters and leather seats for vintage vehicles. Her products are made of the following materials: •    All types of leather hides – cow, alligator, snake, fish, ostrich, lizard, shearling, hair-on hides, etc. •    Vegan/Bio leather •    Faux leather (Urethane, vinyl, etc.) •    Canvas •    Cork •    Hair •    Fur •    Faux Fur

Arleen’s services include drawing a sketch of the desired design, pattern creation, mock-up, sewing (machine and/or hand stitching), and assembly of the final product. The product is then packaged in a non-woven, protective care bag, boxed, and sent to the customer.



Arleen Jones Harkness, The Woman vs. Leather, started AJH Leather Designs in 2019.

Her love for making things in leather started back in 2012 when she enrolled in an online course presented by HMDH Academy. Richard and Linda Manigault, two accessory designers who studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, founded HMDH Academy in 2010. They have designed for some of the top designers in the country. They are also notable for presenting many of their designs during Fashion Week. (HMDH Academy, The course teaches how to make handbags and wallets in various materials including leather, and other hides, and fabric. Arleen believes in continuous improved. She always strives to be the best she can be. She continues to be a student of HMDH Academy. Arleen furthers her studies and continues to master her skills with the book, Leatherwork School, by Ellen M. Valentine and Bag Design by Fashionary. She also takes courses by Peter Nitz. “I have always been a creative.”  

Arleen’s love for art started at a young age. She was 6 years old when she started in ballet. This took her into her twenties as a professional dancer. Her love of reading inspired her to write. She has authored and published two books. Then, ceramics and pottery caught her eye. Arleen designed porcelain jewelry during the 80s and 90s. This led her to becoming a featured artist in the National Black Arts Festival's Artist Market. She even sold wholesale pieces to Dollywood and the Atlanta Apparel Mart. As a chemist, Arleen reformulated an entire line of adhesives which added value to a company’s bottom line. Her love of the sciences inspires her to experiment. This is what she does in leatherwork. She views leatherwork as an art, a science, and a passion. She is innovative in her designs and believes in the Tim Gunn motto, “Make it work.” Arleen continues to create and whet her skills. She would love to design something special for you. “Give me a call. Let’s design your special project.”

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