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Designs come to me sometimes through nature or different shapes. I daydream about how I can interpret a theme, person, thing or place in a design.

Then, I draw. Drawing is a necessity in designing, Drawing is how I get what's in my head out into the universe. It's the first step of manifesting imagination into reality. 

After I draw what's in my mind, I blow out or explode the drawing into it's parts. This helps me to gauge dimensions and shapes. For instance, how tall is the bag? How wide? What does the gusset look like? What materials and hardware will I use?

Of course, the drawings must become patterns and instructions to guide my team and me into the manifestation of an actual product that we can touch. Before we make the final product, we create a mock-up. It's the facsimile, a copy of the product to check dimensions and correct assemblage of the final product. We check for design errors, what should be tweaked, to ensure a well-made final product. The first steps of our quality control process occur in the mock-up phase. When we are satisfied with the mock-up, we proceed to the creation of the bag, belt, hat or send the patterns to the manufacturer for final creation.

About Our Leather


Our items are made with beautiful high quality leathers from all over the globe. Some of our suppliers are, but not limited to, District Leather Supply, Edelman Leather, and TanneryNYC.


Our items are designed and made by skilled craftspersons from all over the globe. All items are subject to quality control before approval.

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